The PhD Qualification Examination process:

Graduate students who have completed the required credits are eligible for the doctoral candidate qualification examination. Following materials are required:

1. Application form for the Qualification Examination (Student System wac D.1.43).

2. A recommendation letter from supervisor.

3. A copy of academic transcript (formal transcript from Office Of Academic Affairs). 

4. 7 copies of the PhD research plan.

5. Recommended list of oral examination committee members for Ph. D. candidate qualification review

*When an application is received, it is necessary to preliminarily check whether the material is complete. If not complete, the student will be asked to make corrections within 2 weeks, and the submission is one-time-only. If the submission is not made in time, the application will be rejected and report to the Academic Affairs Office for future reference. *


1. After the list of committee members is announced, please contact the members for the oral examination time, and please email the College office.

2. The documents are needed on the oral examination (College Office).

        (1) Notice of Result - please print out in advance

(Information System Home>>D. Student Information System>>D.1. Academic Affairs Information>>D.1.43. Qualifying Examination Application and Recommendation Letter).

        (2) Committee member response sheet.

        (3) Receipt of off-campus committee members.

        (4) Reviewer comment.

Process for applying PhD degree examination:

The followings must be attached:

(1) Application form for the PhD degree examination.

(2) A first draft of the thesis. 

(3) Proof of publication.

(4) Hard copy of "turnitin" (with student and advisor signatures).

(5) Proof of English assessment.

(6) Notification of the Qualifying Examination of PhD. Candidates.

(7) Certificate from "Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics".


1. Please go to "D.1.0***School enrollment Information***" to confirm your English name, birthday and email.

2. Please go to "D.1.45. Academic Conference and Publishing " to maintain the information of academic conferences and publishing you participated in and send to Miss Shu-Ting Chen at the Office of Academic Affairs as required.

3. For the thesis application, please go to the home page of the information system >> D. Student Information System >> D.1. Academic Affairs Information >> D.1.42. Thesis Oral Examination application and Committee, log in (apply for thesis examination application) and print out. External members must choose 999999. Please key in the teacher certificate number of external members. The teacher certificate of external member can be inquired at "D.1.42. b. Inquiry for Oral Examination Committee Information". If the information is not found, please contact the committee members.

*All the information must be typed by yourself (the degree application must be printed out).

4. There must be a convener among the members of the oral examination, but the advisor cannot serve as the convener. The convener should be a professor and the off-campus member is preferred.

5. After the application for the thesis examination and oral examination members are approved by the Academic Affairs Office (about one week), students start to arrange the oral examination date with the oral examination members. The oral examination must be completed before the end of the semester.

6. The date and the location of the oral exam can be determined by the graduate student and the advisor. Please go to the College Office to ask for the authorized committee appointment letter. The notice of the time and place of the oral examination, and the thesis of the oral examination should be handed over to the oral examination committee by the graduate students. (Remember to send the above two weeks in advance)

Before the oral exam:

1. Please go to home page of the Information System >>Student Information System>>Academic Affairs Information>>D.1.42. Thesis Oral Examination application and Committee, and print the followings.

On the day of the oral exam, you must provide:

(1). Thesis examination agenda (every committee member should have one copy).

(2). Five copies of the Certificate of the thesis (according to the format provided by the Office of Academic Affairs)

(3). Thesis examination score sheet (every committee member should have a copy).

(4) A copy of the notice of thesis examination results, and the materials must be prepared in advance.

*Remember to bring the required documents on the day of the oral exam.


(1.) On-campus and off-campus members' oral examination fees, and off-campus members' travel expenses will be remitted directly by the school. No reimbursement for members who are from Kaohsiung city.

A. Take public transportation to the school: Taiwan Railway does not need to provide a ticket, and all other means of transportation must provide a ticket. If you take the high-speed rail, please take the ticket purchase certificate

B. for the taxi fare: Electronic receipts or handwritten receipts (including the driver's seal/signature and license plate number, etc.) are required, and the maximum amount that can be claimed on the same day is NTD 500.

C. If the off-campus committee members need to park on campus on the day of the oral examination, please go to the General Affairs Office website and download the "Application Form for Temporary Parking of Vehicles” for entering, and complete the application according to the contents in advance.

(3.) When the Office of Academic Affairs has reviewed and approved the list of members, you want to change the members of the oral examination, please contact Miss Shu-Ting Chen at the Office of Academic Affairs. And send a copy of the application form to Ms. Chen at the College Office.

(4.) The oral exam must be completed before the end of the semester. If the oral exam is not able to proceed, the graduate student must contact Miss Shu-Ting Chen at the Office of Academic Affairs to cancel the application. Otherwise students will be suspended for the second time application.


After the oral exam:

1. Pin up the score sheet of the oral examination, the original copy of the examination result (including the original signed by the oral examination committee member) and the certificate of completing the revision of the thesis. Remember to go to the home page of the information system >> D. Student information system >> D.1. Academic affairs information >> D.1.41. Dissertation data maintenance and D.1.42.a Fill out the graduate study effect questionnaire, and complete the maintenance of the paper topics in Chinese and English, and then fill in the learning effectiveness questionnaire. After being approved by the director, please send the oral examination result and score sheet to the Registration Team of the Office of Academic Affairs (Ms. Shu-Ting Chen ext.: 2423) to log in the results, and then the degree examination will be completed.

2. Submit in 10 days: payment voucher, receipt signed by outsiders, and receipt of meal fee to the program office.

Submit before leaving school: one copy of the test result and one copy of the thesis to the program office.

*(Vouchers, receipts, related to the school's accounting, please submit as soon as possible and do not overdue)

3. According to Article 13 of K.M.U. Graduate Degree Examination Regulations, if the graduate students who pass the degree examination fail to submit the thesis with the signature of the examination committee before the registration in the next semester, those who haven’t expired their study period must register in the next semester, and those who have expired their study period will be suspended.

4. The electronic thesis needs to be uploaded to the " K.M.U. Electronic Degree Thesis System": After the oral examination, all postgraduates are requested to connect to the " K.M.U. Electronic Degree Thesis System" to upload bibliographic data and full-text files. Our school "electronic degree thesis system".

(1) For the first login, you need to go to “NDLTD in Taiwan” to register an account with you school email. After the verification, the account can be registered and logged in by "Apply for an account for filing" in the thesis system. After the thesis is uploaded and approved by the library (usually it will be processed on the next working day), the authorization letter can be printed in the thesis system. If you have any questions, please contact the Reader Service Section of the Book Information Office, ext. 2133 ext. 73 or, thank you!

(2) After the uploaded thesis has been reviewed and approved, you can enter the system and print out the "Thesis Authorization Letter". The "Declaration of No Violation of Academic Ethics" (can be downloaded from the home page of the thesis system) and "authorization letter for thesis" must be pin up in the paper thesis. If you want to apply for postponing publication of your paper thesis, please also fill in the "Application for Postponing Publication of Thesis of the National Library” (which can be downloaded from the home page of the thesis system. It must be uploaded to the system when the thesis is submitted), and the above documents are needed to pin in the paper thesis.

*If you want to apply for a patent, it is recommended to fill out the "Application Form for Postponing Publication of the Bibliography of the Electronic Thesis for Doctor and Master's Degrees of Kaohsiung Medical University" (can be downloaded from the home page of the thesis system), which does not need to be pin in the paper thesis. After handing the thesis to the Office of Library & Information Services, you can start to conduct leaving the school procedure.

(3) The certificate of completing the revision of the thesis. (No need to pin it in the thesis, and it should be sent to the Office of Library & Information Services with your thesis.)

(4) Three hard copy of the thesis. (Signature and original copies are required, and sent to the Office of Library & Information Services for 2 copies and the department for 1 copy)

(5) School leaving procedures. Download location: the Office Of Academic AffairsCommon FormsGraduate StudentsSchool Leaving Forms

Download URL:表單下載/研究生

Congratulations in advance on your graduation!


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