This year's annual conference revolves around the theme "Starting from Insects: Net-Zero Emission and Sustainable Development." The event delves into exploring the possibilities of achieving low-carbon net-zero goals by mitigating insect pests, practicing circular agriculture, utilizing high-protein insect feed, and incorporating edible insects. The conference has invited four experts and scholars in the fields of sustainable insect utilization and climate change to deliver keynote speeches, shedding light on research topics related to insects. Furthermore, a net-zero emission workshop will be held, where scholars, public sectors, and relevant experts will convene to discuss and exchange ideas on how to reduce pest infestations or harness insects to accomplish carbon reduction goals, offering concrete recommendations and approaches for sustainable development.

The conference also offers opportunities for oral and poster presentations on various topics, as well as workshops on plant medicine. It aims to foster dialogues and experience sharing between overseas collaborations, work experiences, and students.

Conference Dates: October 21-22, 2023

Conference Venue: International Exchange Campus, Lantan Campus, National Chiayi University

Registration is now open. The early bird registration deadline is September 4th (Monday) at 24:00.


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